A Word on Success

Humans love statistics, and for good reason. If you can’t measure something it’s often difficult to understand and even harder to improve. That’s why, regardless of whether you’re measuring the money in your bank account, your GPA, social media followers, users or high score, more is synonymous with better.

But should metrics really be the key indicator of success? Or is the “more is better” mantra is really just a simplification of a much more complex argument?

I believe there are many ways both success and failure can be defined and that worshipping metrics without meaning generates a false representation of success. To argue my point, I’ve attempted articulate a few examples of times that “metric-based success” come up short:

  • Money without loving what you do or having time to spend with your friends and family
  • Social media followers without true friends
  • Users without value creation
  • Adoring fans without real relationships
  • A high GPA without enjoying the college experience
  • A high score without someone to celebrate it with

The Takeaway

My takeaway is that accumulating without having some deeper meaning should not be the goal. Instead, to be truly successful we need to marry metric-based success with some form of greater satisfaction and contentment. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to achieve more if that is what drives us. Far from it!

Metric-based success yields opportunity. It’s no secret that when you have more, you also have the means to do more. So my suggestion is to view metric-based success as only one piece of the puzzle. Seize the opportunity that this type of success yields and spend more time with your friends and family, connect with and impact your user base, followers or fans in a positive way or promote a social good.

EarnSmart is a young company with what I believe to be a bright future. And one of our philosophies is that any success we have should be used to positively impact the lives of our user base and the lives of those less fortunate than us. Everything we do is based on value creation for our users because every new user gives us an opportunity to positively impact both their life, and to donate to some great causes. As we grow we have the opportunity to make a bigger difference and a bigger impact – and I promise that is not an opportunity we will take lightly.

I hope you’ll consider sharing what success means to you and continue the conversation.

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