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8 Tips to Help You Take the First Step

“All men have fears, but the brave put down their fears and go forward, sometimes to death, but always to victory” – Motto of the King’s Guard, Ancient Greece

Everyone fears change, failure and the unknown. And taking a risk or starting something new typically hits on all three of these fears. That’s why taking your first step and accepting a new challenge is often the most difficult part of a new endeavor. But by overcoming your fears and “beginning” you are granting yourself the opportunity to succeed. Get started on your road to success today by reading our 8 tips that will nudge you out the door and on your way!

(1) Commit to a Start Date

Wanting to begin something in the future is a dream. Drawing the start date in the sand makes it a reality. Whether you’re joining a gym, starting to save, or quitting your job, set a date and stick to it.

(2) Remind Yourself Why

There is a dream at the end of your journey and the first step brings that dream closer to reality. Are you going to fatten your bank account? Flatten your stomach? Gain financial independence? Write your motivation on your mirror and read it every day. That first step might be scary, but it’s worth it in the end.

(3) Consequences of Inaction

Consequences of inaction are the other side of the motivational coin. Remind yourself what happens if you don’t act. You’ll stay stuck in your rut and risk regret. The first step isn’t just toward something new, it’s also very often away from something you’re ready to leave behind.

(4) Tell Someone You Will

There is something incredibly powerful about telling a friend or family member what you plan to do. By telling someone else you’ve raised the stakes of failing to act. Once your plans are out there you won’t risk letting them or yourself down, you’ll take that first step.

(5) What’s the Worst that Could Happen

If the answer is anything short of death or financial ruin then you should proceed confidently. Embarrassment fades, pain is temporary, (chicks dig scars), but your pride in yourself for giving it a shot will last forever.

(6) Reward Yourself

You’re dreading the first step. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t true. So give yourself a reason to welcome the adventure and reward yourself for getting started. Whether it’s your favorite desert, some champagne or a night on the town, you’ve earned it when you take that first step

(7) Read Some Motivational Quotes

My favorite quotes are the ones included above from the Kings Guard of Ancient Greece and Wayne Gretzky (and Micheal Scott), but getting some more positive thoughts in your head is never a bad idea. A couple good sites that might be worth a read can be found here and here.

(8) Others Have Done it, Why Not You

Unless your first step is the one taken on Mars, there’s a good chance others with your similar skillset have achieved your ultimate goal. Make a list of those that have been successful. Is there any overlapping skillsets? Do you have any characteristics in common? Seeing that you match up with others that have realized success should convince you that you can do it too.

Have any other tips? Want to share how you got started and realized success? I’d love to be a part of the conversation below!

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