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Save Simply. Spend Smart

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How it Works

(1) Choose your Deal

Choose from a long list of deals offered by popular retailers or select one of our business partners for even more value.

(2) Save Automatically

Every time you make a purchase with your debit or credit card, we’ll transfer your spare change into your savings account.

(3) Make Your Purchase – Regret Free

Redeem online or in store. Pick out something you love – you’ve earned it!

(4) No Fees

No, seriously. We hate fees and our bet is the feeling is mutual.

(5) Earn Cash

Invite a friend and we’ll give you cashback in the form of 0.5% of every dollar they save. Invite 10 friends and we’ll give you 0.5% of every dollar each friend saves. This cash adds up quick.

(6) Make a Difference

Don’t feel like earning cash for yourself? Share one of our charity referral codes and we’ll donate 0.5% of every dollar saved to that charity. EarnSmart, make a difference.

EarnSmart is in Private Beta.

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